Activities is a somewhat "hidden" Pierrot feature that can be very powerful and makes a big difference in many cases. But what are these hidden gems?

At many conferences you can follow simultaneous (side)tracks. Think about smaller workshops or lectures that take place during a long conference day.

These workshops often have their own limited capacity and not rarely the exact schedule isn’t ready when you want to start selling tickets. Enter “activities”.

This feature allows you to connect tickets with underlying event blocks. It lets you create time slots and populate these slots with speakers, bands, workshops, ... all with its own individual capacity. The selections will then appear on the tickets of the attendees. As an organisation you can contact the attendees that haven't selected their preferred activities yet from within the Pierrot admin.

Activities can be found under the tickets tab and has three layers:

  • Activity group – groups activities together and is the link between the underlaying activities and tickets. Eg in our case only "Two day ticket" and "Ticket Day 1" are linked to the activities taking place on day 1.
  • Activity – a timeslot containing a pool of (sub)tickets from which the attendee can choose a ticket.
  • Subticket – the actual subticket that will be mentioned on the ticket

Not unimportant is the fact that you can create activities even after you have started selling tickets. As said it's not unusual that the detailed program is not yet ready when you start selling tickets. When buying a ticket each attendee receives a personal URL for that ticket where you can (at least if this feature is enabled by you) change or select subticket(s) later on (as long as these activities are not sold out).

Feel free to try it out and ask us for more information. We have setup a demo event for you that includes the mentioned activities above.

Written by
Dave Driesmans
Posted on
15 January 2021
Reading time
3 min