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Pierrot Invites
Our flow has always been very simple: on the one hand you have an event, on the other there's a person that can either "register to attend" or "buy one (or more) tickets" for that event. We already had the possibility to upload a guest list, but it was all very limited. Until now, because now there is a new feature called "Pierrot Invites".
Written by Fred Driesmans & Dave Lagast on 22 September 2023
Connecting Pierrot with Mailchimp
Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing services around. Pierrot has a built-in option to connect with your Mailchimp account and sync your event data. In this blogpost we'll learn how to make Pierrot talk to Mailchimp and explain 2 use cases: event based subscription & adding a newsletter opt-in checkbox.
Written by Fred Driesmans & Dave Lagast on 29 April 2022
How to set up ticketing for an event?
In this blog post we'll guide you through some of the basics in setting up an event. In this case a two day B2B event with 2 day tickets, a combi ticket and a custom field.
Written by Fred Driesmans & Dave Lagast on 18 February 2022
Messages: a fresh and simple email tool
We were asked by one of our clients if it was possible to automatically send an email the day before and after a visit to their exhibition. We hate to say 'no', so we said: sure, we'll build that. The result is a new feature called "messages".
Written by Fred Driesmans & Dave Lagast on 17 September 2021
The chameleon form
Each event is unique so you might need something different every time. How can you force Pierrot's form to your will?
Written by Dave Driesmans on 26 February 2021
Activities is a somewhat "hidden" Pierrot feature that can be very powerful and makes a big difference in many cases. But what are these hidden gems?
Written by Dave Driesmans on 15 January 2021
Contacts vs Attendees
Something that might be a bit confusing for some Pierrot users is the difference between “Attendees” and “Contacts”. We’ll try to explain it here.
Written by Dave Driesmans on 15 July 2020
Pierrot's form builder
Yesterday we came across a nice article from Blendle chief Alexander Klöpping where he summarises his recent learnings. One of his lessons resonated a lot with us: "We do this badly at Blendle: we spend an awful lot of time on new features, and then forget to tell users that those features exist."
Written by Dave Driesmans on 4 June 2020