Getting started

How do I get started?

That's an easy one! Just head over to our sign up page & fill in your details to get started. You will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address and after that, you're ready to 🚀!

If you also want to start accepting payments, you will need a Mollie account as well. You can find more info about the process and the required docs on this page. Beware that their sign up process may take some time, so it's best to start the process as early as possible. You don't need a Mollie account if you have a free event.

What do I need to start accepting payments?

You will need a Mollie account or a Stripe account to accept online payments.
After selecting the ticket and filling in all details, your customers will be redirected to Mollie / Stripe to make the payment.

The Mollie sign up process may take some time, so it's best to start the process as early as possible. You can find more info about the process and the required docs on this page. The Stripe onboarding process is immediate.

You don't need a Mollie or Stripe account if you only have free events.

How will I be billed?

We send an automatic invoice at the end of every quarter. Of course, if you haven't sold any tickets in the last months you will not receive an invoice from us. Go to Settings -> Pierrot billing to see in detail what will be charged in realtime.

Can I try Pierrot for free?

Certainly! Just create an account and set up a test event. You won't be charged as long as your event is in test mode. Once you go live with your event you will be charged for every registration or sold ticket.

Why is there no free plan for free tickets?

We are a small bootstrapped business and we want to operate in a way that’s sustainable. We find it important to sell our service at a fair price and we don't want to exclude features or slow down on services or support for certain "types" of customers.

Each customer is equal to us and we strive to give everyone the same excellent service & support. This makes it for us impossible to offer a free tier. We do have a reduced price for non-profit organisations!

Can I ask more than just a name and an email address?

Yes! By default Pierrot always asks for a name and an email address (except for B2B events, see "the difference between B2B and B2C events"). But you can ask whatever you want.

Our feature "Custom Fields" lets you add as many additional fields as you want. It can be a birthday, picture, phone number, shoe size or almost litterally anything.

Fields can also be limited to certain tickets. For example, you have a food ticket and you want to know if the person wants to eat vegetarian. You can choose to let this field only appear if the person adds that specific food ticket to their order.

How can we validate tickets at the door?

We have a free iOS app and an Android app to scan tickets at the door. All you need is a working Internet connection and a big smile.

We have also added support for handheld scanners.

Can we use Pierrot to sell tickets at the door?

Yes you can! Look for the quick order button on your dashboard to find the page where you can do this. It's up to you how you handle payments at that moment (cash or terminal). Good to know: the Pierrot fee for quick orders is at a reduced rate. You're welcome 👊

How many languages do you support?

We offer 3 languages by default, English, Dutch & French. You can choose how many languages are enabled for each event and which is the default one used in your communication.


What is the difference between a B2B & B2C event?

B2B events (with paying tickets) require every visitor to leave their invoice data. That way they automatically receive an invoice for their order.

Invoices for B2C events are optional. People have the opportunity to ask for an invoice, unless you disable this explicitally. So B2C events will - at the least - only ask for a name and an email address.

Another difference is that the prices on the form of a B2B event are exclusive VAT.

How can I test my event before setting it live?

A newly created event will be in "test mode" by default. Test mode allows you to test an event like a "live" event, including doing a payment. The difference is that the payment will not be real but you will follow the same steps as a "real" purchase. Once you are ready to go live, you can change the status of your event from test to live. Doing that will remove all test purchases and attendees automatically.

Good to know: events in "test mode" are only accessible if you are logged in.

How do I set my event live?

Ready? Go to the edit screen of your event, change the dropdown from "Test mode" to "Live" and hit the save button. After that your event is live & accessible to everyone. ✌

Can I add time slots for my event?

Yes you can! COVID-19 showed the necessity for time slots so we built it. We also have a tool to generate a massive amount of time slots in case your event lasts serveral days/months. Time slots are defined on event level and can be applied to one or more tickets from that event.

Can I add waiting lists in case my event is sold out?

Yes you can! You can enable waiting lists if you want. People looking for a ticket can leave their email address and you can contact them if there would be any additional tickets available.

I don't want to send a ticket with a QR code to my visitors

No problemo, you can choose if you want to send a ticket or just a confirmation email.

Can I delete an event?

You can indeed. The delete button is well hidden (to avoid any accidents :-) and can be found on your event's dashboard. Scroll all the way to the bottom & click with care!

How can I duplicate an event?

Go to your events overview page and look for the "More" button close to the title of the event you want to duplicate. Hit it & adjust the name & date of your new event. You can also choose to duplicate any existing tickets & coupon codes if you wish.

Can I customise the confirmation email?

Yes, you can fully customise this email except for the salutation which is added automatically.

The email consist of 4 parts.
1. Salutation (Dear Firstname Lastname)
2. A part that can be added at event level and that will be added for every ticket
3. A part that can be defined on ticket level and that will only be used if that ticket is ordered.
4. A part that can be defined on event event level and that will also be added for every ticket that is ordered.

The confirmation email also includes a PDF version of the ticket (if enabled) and a link to the online version of the ticket.

Can you disable online payments?

Yes. Go to the edit page of your event and look for the advanced settings tab. You can disable payments there.

Not including an online payment section can be useful when dealing with very large sums in order to avoid large credit card processing fees. In a B2B setting the invoice will be sent, in a B2C case the request for payment will be sent to the email address of the first attendee.

Is there a public page with all my online events?

Yes, every account has a public page containing all live & "public" events. The URL will be, you can find this URL on your "Company settings" page. Contact us if you want to change this URL.

How can I remove a private event from this overview page?

If you set an event to "private" it won't appear on your public profile page. All events are public by default. Go to the advanced settings tab on your event page to make the event private.

Can I use Pierrot to organise a conference with breakout rooms with limited capacity?

We have created a feature called "Activities" especially for that. It allows you to create "subtickets" (with or without limitations) and link them to the "main" ticket. A very complex but powerful tool! Get in touch if you have any questions about this one!


What is an "Extra ticket"?

An extra ticket is different from a regular ticket in the sense that it is not required. For example a T-shirt or a food stamp that can be bought along with a concert or cinema ticket. It will be presented underneath "regular" tickets in the form.

What is a "Package"?

A package is a combination of tickets. You can use packages to offer multiple tickets at a specific price or to add a special ticket that is only available in a certain formula. And we bet you can figure out many other uses cases.

What is a "Hidden ticket"?

Hidden tickets are tickets that are not visible in the public form. There can be several reasons to hide a ticket. Because it is only part of a package (see "What is a package?"), because you only want to distribute it to a specific person, because it can only be available for sale at the door, etc.

How can I share that secret ticket with someone?

Click on the "eye" icon next to the ticket, it will give you the dedicated URL that shows the "hidden" ticket in the regular form. This secret ticket will only be visible via this special URL.

I have an extra ticket that I want to sell but I don't want to send a ticket with a QR code for these type of tickets

No problem, there's an option to not send a PDF ticket containing a QR code for optional tickets. In that case the main ticket will include the notice that an "extra" ticket has been bought as well.

Can people change their ticket after it has been ordered?

Yes, by default people can change their name, email address & activities unless you disable that option. They can do so by clicking the link to the online ticket that can be found in the confirmation email.

Can I offer an early bird ticket until a predefined date?

Yes, tickets have a start & end sales date that can be used to achieve this.

My event has a maximum capacity but not every sold ticket should influence that total. Is that possible?

Yes, there is an option to exclude a certain ticket from the maximimum capacity count.

How can I duplicate a ticket?

You can duplicate a ticket by clicking the icon next to the "edit" button on the ticket overview page of your event.

Can I add a mandatory ticket to an order?

Yes, you can set the minimum & maximum amount of a certain ticket that can/should be bought in 1 single order. You can set the minimum amount to 1 to "force" the attendee to buy a certain ticket.

Can I limit the maximum amount of tickets that can be bought in a single order?

Yes, you can set the minimum & maximum amount tickets that can/should be bought in 1 single order.

How can I change the order of my tickets?

Look for the up & down arrow next to the name of the ticket and grab it to change the order of the tickets. You can do this on the ticket overview page of your event.


Why would you use a feature like activities?

Activities can be useful for conferences or any event that has a specific programme. Activities let you build a "parcours" with the possibility to set a maximum to a certain activity. A good use case is a conference with several (limited) sessions. You add a ticket for the conference and then create a certain amount of activities that can be chosen by the attendee.

Should activities be ready when I start my sales or can I add them later?

You can add activities later on. This way people can already buy a ticket and then later (when your programme is ready) you can ask your attendees to select one or more activities.


What is the difference between an attendee and a contact?

Every ticket that is sold is converted into an attendee with (at the least) a name and an email address. This attendee is linked to a specific event. Based on the email address that is used we will either create a new contact or link that attendee to an already existing contact. So if you have multiple events and you have returning visitors you will see their order history in their contact profile.

An attendee can’t find their ticket. What can I do?

Go to the attendees page of your event and do a search on their name, email or order number. Attendees can also request their ticket via this page by entering their email address.

An attendee spelled their name wrong. What can I do?

Do a search on the attendees overview page and click on the edit button. Make the changes and hit the save button.

Do attendees have to enter a name and email for every ticket that is bought?

No. As an organiser you have the choice to ask the name & email address for every seperate ticket or just ask it once for all tickets in a single order.

Can I import a guest list?

Yes. Go to your attendees page and look for the "Actions" button. It will lead you to a page where you can upload a file with all your guests. Here's an example of how this file should be structured.

Can I import a guest list where my guests need to confirm their presence?

Yes! You can also add the necessity for guests to confirm their presence. All you have to do is add an extra column to the import file with a yes or no value. Then on the import page just map this value to the question about confirmation. Additionaly their is also the option to allow your "main" guest to invite additional guests. Add an extra column with the amount of extra guests that can be invited. Here's an example of how the import file should be structured.

Can I export my attendee data?

Sure, you can export contact and attendee info. Go to the "Export" tab of your event and choose what you want to export. Need something specific? Let us know!

Orders & invoices

What is the difference between an order and an invoice?

An invoice is an order for which an invoice has been sent to the attendee. B2B events will only have invoices, B2C events can have a mix of orders & invoices (unless you disabled the option to request an invoice).

Can Pierrot send invoices to my visitors?

Yes, if you have a B2B event or a B2C attendee requests an invoice, it will be sent automatically by Pierrot. No need for you to do anything. You can control what is mentioned on the invoice through Settings -> Company.

What is an incomplete order?

This is an order where the registration has not been completed. Most of the time this means the payment has been cancelled.

Can you explain the "Invoice First" option?

Some companies require an invoice before they can pay anything. So B2B events have the option to activate this feature. The attendee can then select this service and will receive an invoice without paying at the moment of registering. Once the invoice is paid, the person will receive their ticket(s). The payment status of the order can be adjusted through the admin by you. At that moment you can also send the ticket(s) to the customer that paid for their ticket(s).

Can I export financial and invoice data?

Sure, you can export statistics about visitors, tickets or sales, etc. You can also download all your invoices easily from the "Orders & Invoices" page.

I have a B2C event but I don't want my attendees to request an invoice

You can disable the option to request an invoice via the advanced settings of your event.

I have a B2B event but I don't want my attendees to receive an invoice

You can disable the option to automatically send an invoice via the advanced settings of your event.

How can I change the invoice number format?

Go to your company settings page (Settings -> Company) and change the "First invoice number" field.

How can I do a refund?

Go to the order you want to refund and look for the "Actions" button. Hit the "Create credit note & refund the total amount" button to do a full refund. Partial refunds can be done through Mollie.

Can I convert an order to an invoice?

Yes! Go to the order you want to convert and look for the "Actions" button. Hit the "Convert order to invoice" button to convert your order.

Can I convert an incomplete order to an invoice?

Yes! Go to the order you want to convert and look for the "Actions" button. Hit the "Convert incomplete order to invoice" button.

Someone had trouble paying online and paid via wire transfer. How can I send them the tickets?

2 options. Look for the incomplete order and convert it to an invoice (send them the tickets through our admin) or create a coupon code so the person can register new tickets without having to pay again.


What is a traditional coupon?

A traditional coupon let's you apply a discount to an order or a specific ticket by entering a coupon code. You can choose the code that should be entered and apply any limits you want.

What is an automatic discount?

An automatic discount let's you apply a discount by fulfulling a certain condition. For example, you want to automatically give a discount of 10% if someone orders 5 or more tickets.

What is a traditional coupon with automated discount?

This type of coupon let's you apply an automatic discount by fulfilling a certain condition but only if a specific coupon code is entered as well.

How can I share a coupon with someone?

Look for the generated URL on the edit page of the coupon. The coupon will be prefilled if you use this URL.


How can I send a message to my attendees?

Click on the "Messages" tab from your event and hit the "Create a message" button. Enter your message, choose the ticket(s) the message is entended for & select if you want to send the message manually or automatically before or after the event.

This will not send the message immediately, you will be asked to verify & confirm the message on the following page.

Can you send an automated message to my attendees the day before and/or after the event or visit?

Yes! You can schedule messages that will be sent automatically before or after the event (or after the visit in case of a long lasting event like an exhibition). Moreover you can send a message to your visitors at any time you wish. Send as many messages as you want, change the text based on the ticket that was bought, etc. Lots of options to get in touch with your visitors! You can read all about it in this blogpost.

Can I use Mailchimp instead of messages?

Certainly! You can link Pierrot to your Mailchimp account and push your attendees to Mailchimp.

First link Mailchimp with Pierrot through Settings -> Integrations and then go to the advanced settings on your event page to select the correct mailing list.

Next level

Do you have a public API?

Yes we have an API with endpoints to load events and tickets for a certain event. Contact us if you want more info!

Do you have webooks?

Yes we have. Contact us if you want more info!

How can I reduce the chance that my emails end up in the spam folder?

Ask your domain administrator to add to your domain's SPF record to avoid your emails being marked as spam. You can use if this is not possible.

How can I embed Pierrot in my website?

Look for the "Share" button on your event page. Click the button and you will find the code that can be embedded into your website. Contact us if you need any help!

Can I add tracking scripts like Google Tag Manager?

Yes you can. Send us an email with your codes and we will add them for you!

Here's a list with frequently asked questions.

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