It's crazy how much Pierrot can do for you! This list is only the beginning...

Custom forms & brand colors

Sometimes all you need is a name and an e-mail address. Other times you also want to know the shoe size of your customers. No problemo, Pierrot has got you covered. From now on you can ask whatever you want. And yes, you can pick the colors as well!

Invoicing, Out-Of-The-Box

Pierrot can automatically generate invoices for those who need it. Someone cancelled? No worries, let Pierrot generate a credit note for you and you're done. Perfect for B2B events! Next!

Money in your pocket

Your money is yours. Payments go through Mollie or Stripe and straight into your pocket, we don't touch it. Because you need that money to organise a great event, right?

Messages & Mailchimps

Pierrot has a built-in system to send messages (automated or not) to your attendees. But it also lets you connect to Mailchimp if you wish. Sync your contacts to your Mailchimp account and easily send mailings to all event attendees. Yes you can!

Invites & guest lists

Use Pierrot to send out invites to your guest list. You decide if your guests need to confirm their invitation or not. You can even choose if they can bring their own guests or not!

Sell tickets at the door

Not everybody buys their ticket beforehand. We've got a quick order functionality that lets you sell tickets at your event location. Perfectly integrated & super smooth.

Mobile ticket scanner

Pierrot comes with a free iOS and Android app to scan those wonderful tickets at your event. We've also added support for those that prefer to use handheld scanners.


Coupons, automated discounts, time slots, activities, hidden tickets, custom domains, internationalisation, easy event duplication, invoice first & pay later, combi packages, tagging, waiting lists, webhooks & many many other settings.
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