Messages: a fresh and simple email tool

We were asked by one of our clients if it was possible to automatically send an email the day before and after a visit to their exhibition. We hate to say 'no', so we said: sure, we'll build that. The result is a new feature called "messages".

We already had a simple messaging tool where you could chose who you wanted to send a message to, so we enhanced it with a couple of nice extras. You can still choose to connect to Mailchimp if you want, but now you also have a small Mailchimp-alike tool built right into Pierrot.

Manually or automatically?

There are 2 options. One is to send an email manually to your attendees (like it was before), the other option is to do it automatically. If you choose the latter, you have 2 new options: send it the day before or the day after.

In this case, if you purchased a ticket for the exhibition and you booked a time slot for Saturday, you would receive an automated email on Friday with some info and your ticket. On Sunday (the day after the visit), you received a second email with a link to a survey.

Of course you can also choose who should receive the email (i.e. only ticket x, not ticket y, only people who validated their ticket, etc).

Very simple and very effective!

Need help with it? Let us know!

Written by
Fred Driesmans & Dave Lagast
Posted on
17 September 2021
Reading time
1 min